Book covers, Layout & Typesetting, and Editing Services

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We offer a range of book publishing services that can get your book into print. Be it Book Covers, Layout & Typesetting, Editing/…

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Promoting and selling your book can have a negative impact on your book. The best way to make it a success in a market is to let your target audience…

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We publish potential and concentrate on non-fiction categories. We review book proposals from authors or their agents and make final decisions on whe…

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The book is about an ordinary young driven woman in her late twenties, who is still trying to make it in the corporate world.The question is what hap…

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The book touches and reflects on some of our african founding Fathers' vision and it intergrates their ideals within the 21st century, in doing so it…

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Anything you want, it's just within and beyond your limitations picture

I believe that one of the things that are making your life a living hell is failure to identify obstacles or limitations in your life. Persistent fai…

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Four Principles To Be The Best:
This is a life transforming self_help book. It is written in a manner that permit individuals to feel motivated and to…

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How to get your life back on god's plan picture

God is not the author of confusion, His grace and mercy is not an excuse to continually do wrong with the mind that God gives a second chance. Is you…

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Breaking Circles of Torture refers to the reasons why you continue to experience personal challenges that are recurring and become a life circle, mak…

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Phetogo Book Publishers is a division of PHETOGO CONCEPTS (Pty)Ltd with a team of professionals, offering hands-on personal service to every client and a strong attention to detail on all projects. Our goal is to remove any technical or financial barriers that can prevent authors from making their …

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