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Contrary to what many people would have you think, self-publishing a book is not easy. Not only must you write the book, but you also have to serve as your own publisher, taking responsibility for the editing, design, and marketing of your book.  Phetogo Publishers is ready to assist you with the following book publishing services:

# Cover design:

Book cover design is such a crucial part of self-publishing. At the most basic level, a good book cover should:

  • Attract the eye instantly, even as a thumbnail.
  • Allow you to read the title and author name clearly.
  • Use the front, spine, and back to communicate a clear message about your book. We will design an engaging cover that matches the content of your book.

# Interior design:

 There are many aspects to layout design: fonts, spacing, the styling of chapter headings, margins, etc. A professional layout designer will control these elements to create a comfortable and enjoyable reading experience for your book.

# Editing/Proofreading:

If you choose to go with editing, your work will also need to go through the proofing phase. Obvious things like bad grammar and spelling mistakes are addressed first, though everything from poorly constructed sentences to noticeable changes in your tone will be highlighted. Proofreading involves checking for small errors in spelling or punctuation. It is essentially a way for authors to be sure that absolutely no mistakes get through before the book is distributed.

# Book Promotion Assistance.

With so many book marketing strategies available to promote your book, it's easy to get overwhelmed and have difficulty determining what to do, and when to do it. Marketing a book is a complex part of the overall publishing process and takes proper planning. We can help you come up with a suitable marketing strategy for your book.

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