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Set Yourself Up For Self-Publishing Success 

Let us give you a quote now. We have the expertise; there is no reason why your book, with the correct professional production process and marketing, cannot be a success as well. When done right, self-publishing can make a big difference for your personal brand. It can even serve as an additional source of revenue that earns money on its own in addition to driving new leads to your business. So take control of your book’s destiny and self-publish. If you have the will, we have the way. We cover everything: Editing, Cover Design, Layout, Printing, and More. 

To get a custom-tailored quote, send us your book or manuscript specifications.

If you are considering self-publishing, let us help you produce and print a quality book. Not only do we have a roll-up-your-sleeves attitude, but we also have the experience to back it up. We cover everything: Editing, Cover Design, Layout, Printing, and Marketing.

Editing Process

  • If you neglect to edit your self-published book, you risk coming across as sloppy and unprofessional. Editing should cover grammar and spelling issues, but it can also reveal flaws in the structure or organization of your book.

Professional Cover Design

  • Few things will drive readers away like an ugly front cover. The visual elements of your book’s cover will often catch a reader’s eye before the title does. Unless you’re a professional graphic designer, this means you should turn this job over to a professional who will design an engaging cover that matches the content of your book.

Layout and Typesetting

  • Self-publishing is very much a DIY endeavor — and that often includes formatting the book. Even if you’ve thoroughly edited your book’s content, it will still look sloppy and unprofessional if the text isn’t formatted properly. Even seemingly minor details like section breaks or the type of file you upload can make a difference.

Book’s Marketing Needs

  • Your book also needs to be marketed to make an impact. Every book needs a marketing plan that starts before release and continues for at least a few months after the book releases. Hundreds of thousands of books are self-published every year. A few social media posts aren’t going to get you the attraction you need to stand out and get meaningful sales numbers.
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